Lawsuit: An Option To Consider When There Is Nothing Else Left

Zofran enjoys popularity and is commonly prescribed to treat major depression and panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorders or social anxiety. It is unfortunate that many of the women prescribed Zofran were not decently warned about the risks it poses to developing fetuses in the uterus. Taken during pregnancy, it can dramatically increase chances of birth defects such as: heart, cranial, abdominal and neural tube defects as shown at

Many may wonder, why take the trouble and put time and effort into a Zofran pregnancy lawsuit, when no one can assure the victim about a positive final outcome? It is a reality that the actual reason for a congenital malformation is not always known exactly. But if a link between Zofran and these abnormalities is scientifically proved, there is a strong chance that not using the drug while pregnant could prevent the very abnormalities. If it happened to you and your baby was born with a birth defect you can link to your Zofran use, filing a Zofran birth defects lawsuit could be your best option. If your child was severely injured, the series of physical, emotional and financial challenges lying ahead could be a real burden. An experienced attorney with considerable knowledge about this type of lawsuits can put you in the picture about all aspects of Zofran and pregnancy lawsuit, so that you can make an informed decision.

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