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Looking Back at the GroupWiseR USA & Canada Kickoff Meeting

On Tuesday August 29 everyone was quite surprised by the large crowd which gathered for the Kickoff meeting of the GroupWise User Group - North America (GUG-NA) in the Presidents Suite of the J.W. Marriot in Phoenix, USA. This meeting was organized by Danita Zanr, Gregg Hinchman,  Andreas Bach, Willem Bagchus together with Novell and GroupWiseR. Based on the pre-event registration on Monday morning we expected around 20 people. However, since this meeting was held in the same hotel as the GroupWise Advisor Summit during the last two days many more people signed up and on the evening itself more than 50 people actually showed up.
After a brief introduction by Erno de Korte, one of the GroupWiseR members, the discussion soon started on how we could get this GUG-NA really on the road. Many people volunteered to become a leading figure for their area, as most activities for thus GUG-NA will probably have to be regional for many reasons. You can read more about this evening as well as register yourself at this page.